Slow Gentle Chill Music Pack

Slow Gentle Chill Music Pack


This is a collection of 3 acoustic guitar positive tracks. Great background music for business presentations, photo slideshows, family movies, wedding videos, commercials, happy videos, corporate videos, YouTube video, game, social media, websites, tv, radio, and podcasts. Features acoustic guitar, piano, drums, percussion, strings, whistle, bells, bass and more. Use it anywhere you want to create the upbeat atmosphere.

Files included in the zip and played in the preview file in this order:

1. The Upbeat Acoustic
  • The Upbeat Acoustic – 60 Seconds Version (1:05)
  • The Upbeat Acoustic – Main Version (2:16)
  • The Upbeat Acoustic – Short Version (0:38)
  • The Upbeat Acoustic – 30 Seconds Version (0:30)
2. Guitar Solo
  • Guitar Solo – Main Version (2:41)
  • Guitar Solo – Short Version (1:28)
  • Guitar Solo – Short Version 2 (0:51)
3. The Whistling
  • The Whistling – Full version (2:13)
  • The Whistling – Short version (1:19)
  • The Whistling – 60s version (1:00)
  • The Whistling – 30s version (0:30)
  • The Whistling – 13s version (0:13)
This download includes both 16bit Wav and 320kbps MP3

You’ll find the best use for it with happy and upbeat, uplifting and optimistic, inspiring corporate business and product advertisements, commercials, presentations, slideshows, YouTube videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries, Featurettes, photography and wedding production, viral marketing, makeup and beauty guru videos, vlogs, TV and radio media production and any other types. You can use a whole song or use a selected part to perfectly match timing of your project. You can do it by yourself or ask me to do it or you!

What do we want from our projects? Success, popularity, uniqueness … Appropriate music is what you need to create the right mood and perception. This pack will help you make the audience fall in love with your project. Besides, it’s a great money saving.