Upbeat Funky Pack

Upbeat Funky Pack

Check it out my second funky collection Funk Pack 2 !

Upbet and Positive Funky Music Pack!

This music collection of songs contains of my funky music tracks!

  • Upbeat Pop Funk
  • Upbeat Groovy Funky Jam
  • Upbeat Background Funk

Upbeat Pop Funk (3 versions):

Modern, uplifting, happy, dynamic composition with funky electric guitar, funky piano, synthesizer, synths bass, disco drums and percussion. Upbeat Pop Funk music sets a positive, energetic atmosphere. It would create the right mood for your video!

  1. Upbeat Pop Funk (wav/mp3) – 2:06
  2. Upbeat Pop Funk Short 1 (wav/mp3) – 1:02 – starts same as the main version, differences are in the middle and the end.
  3. Upbeat Pop Funk Short 2 (wav/mp3) – 1:03 – begins with synth bass and ends the same way as the main version.

Upbeat Groovy Funky Jam (5 versions):

Upbeat Groovy Funky Jam is a powerful, groovy, dynamic, motivational royalty free funky music track that will charge your production with strong unstopable energy and will create an positive uplifting funky mood.

Combination of electrical piano cool groovy line and crunch guitars makes Upbeat Groovy Funky Jam catchy and energetic mood!

  1. Upbeat Groovy Funky Jam (wav/mp3) – 1:19
  2. Upbeat Groovy Funky Jam without guitar solo (wav/mp3) – 1:18
  3. Upbeat Groovy Funky Jam Short 1 (wav/mp3) – 1:00
  4. Upbeat Groovy Funky Jam Short 1 without guitar solo (wav/mp3) – 1:00
  5. Upbeat Groovy Funky Jam Short 2 (wav/mp3) – 00:36

Upbeat Background Funk (3 versions):

Upbeat Background Funk is a simple, positive, background royalty free funk music track with funky guitars, upbeat drum groove, and a little bit of sax!

  1. Upbeat Background Funk (wav/mp3) – 1:44
  2. Upbeat Background Funk Short 1 (wav/mp3) – 1:02
  3. Upbeat Background Funk Short 2 (wav/mp3) – 0:29

To my fellow VideoHive authors! Feel free to use any of the tracks you like for your projects!

You can download the preview and just add music credits in the description: Music by: Kirvi “Track title”. Finally, drop me a line, so I can promote it on my profile and social media. Cheers!