Upbeat Fun

Upbeat Fun

What does it sound like if you spice up a corporate track with some tropical and Caribbean moods? Just like “Upbeat Fun”, a positive instrumental song that will make you smile.

This is a great choice for advertising and corporate purposes, especially travel/holiday videos and commercials. Also perfect for any other kind of video that just happens to need fun and happy background music.

In addition to the main version you get four alternate versions. These additional versions make your job easier as you can match them to your project arrangement and/or duration. You can hear all five versions in the preview.

Used in this song:
-Acoustic drums
-Bass guitar
-Acoustic guitar (nylon)
-Percussion: claps, tambourine, cabasa

The purchased .ZIP file includes 5 different versions:
Main version (3:00)
Extended version (3:35)
Short version #1 (0:42)
Short version #2 (0:57)
Stripped down version (0:41)