Upbeat Folk Pack

Upbeat Folk Pack

This pack is full of upbeat drums, bright guitars and vocals. Motivational music with happy and joyful mood

1) Upbeat Vocal Motivational Anthem – 1m 05s / 2m 15s / 1m 30s / 50s / 35s (0:00 – 6:15)

This motivational anthem is full of joy, success, beautiful vocal harmonies, a upbeat modern groove and a sense of confidence.

Bright acoustic guitars, bouncy upbeat drums, catchy vocal harmonies and melodic bass gives a happy and success mood. The track begins with an uplifting of the driving drums, after that the emotional vocal lines or anthem drives in. The drums are upbeat and energetic. The overall harmony makes feel good. Grooving bass lines support vocal harmonies. The sound of the track is like indie rock, clean sound of electric guitars add light and inspiration. This motivational hymn or anthem is about an optimistic business in which you have achieved success and victory. This is the summer triumph of youth and positive..
This music is suitable for any promo or YouTube video, presentation or advertising as a positive, moving and happy background..

5 Versions included!
Short 2 (0:00 – 1:05) – 1m 05s – Short Intro and without mid part
Full (1:05 – 3:20) – 2m 15s – With mid part and full intro
Short 1 (3:20 – 4:50) – 1m 30s Without mid part but with full intro
Short 3 (4:50 – 5:40) – 50s Short intro and outro
Short 4 (5:40 – 6:15) – 35s Ultra short

2) Acoustic Indie Uplifting Folk – 45s / 2m 30s / 1m 30s / 1m 05s / 2m 30s (6:15 – 14:36)

It’s a joyful acoustic folk pop track with pianos, guitars, funny claps, vocals and shouting hey! Moving and catchy music that emphasizes joy and positive thinking.

This summer motivational track is about how you achieve your goals, drive a car, the wind blows your hair and the sun shines. The piano sets the groove of the track, happy claps support a cheerful, inspiring mood. The guitar adds a romantic mood, and the emotional vocals affect the strings of the soul. Energetic upbeat drums makes the groove of this commercial bright track.
The uplifting track is suitable for any video, presentation, commercial video, advertising, YouTube channel, where it is necessary to emphasize the sunny cheerful mood, drive and groove.
5 Versions included!
Short 3 (6:15 – 7:00) – 45s
Full (7:00 – 9:30) – 2m 30s
Short 1 (9:30 – 11:00) – 1m 30s
Short 2 (11:00 – 12:05) – 1m 05s
Full No Vocal (12:05 – 14:36) – 2m 30s

3) Underwater – 49s / 1m 25s (14:36 – 16:51)

Exciting journey in a submarine underwater, the study of marine creatures in the seas and oceans.

• There is an uplifting drums, watery wah-wah guitar, cheerful claps, flirting bass and happy bells.
• This track is perfect for funny videos, advertisements, presentations, and any commercial video where you want to emphasize the positive cheerful mood.

•Also short(14:36-15:25) and long(15:25-16:51) versions included!

4) Successful Acoustic – 1m 05s / 1m 50s / 1m 05s / 45s / 30s (16:51 – 22:07)

This successful joyful track has a country feel with a lot of acoustic guitars that play in the folk style.

This successful joyful track has a country feel with a lot of acoustic guitars that play in the folk style.

There are several variations of the track, with an acoustic introduction and without it, with a long beautiful folk guitar ending and a short end.

Mood is a track like a successful day or a victory. The track also has a modern sound with synthesizers and a groovy fretless bass. A country electric guitar and active acoustic drums add energy and motility to the track. Also in the track is used a gentle ukulele which adds trembling and lightness to the middle part of the music. This track is like future country.

The track can be used for any advertisement, presentation or YouTube video where you need to emphasize the mood of victory, success, reliability, coolness along with the country tone.5 Versions included!
Short 2 (16:51 – 17:56) – 1m 05s
Full (17:56 – 19:46) – 1m 50s
Short 1 (19:46 – 20:51) – 1m 05s
Short 3 (20:51 – 21:36) – 45s
Short 4 (21:36 – 22:07) – 30s

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