Upbeat Energetic Music Pack

Upbeat Energetic Music Pack

Upbit Energtic Music Pack
This is the best music pack for Energtic Corporate videos
1. Up & About Electric (Preview at 0:00) This is an uplifting and sweet rock-pop electronic song, sang by a female singer. Suitable for commercials aimed for teens, youtube videos.
This item includes 4 edits versions: 1. Up & About Electirc Full Mix 1:57
2. Up & About Electirc Cut B 1:26
3. Up & About Electirc Cut C 0:56
4. Up & About Electirc No Vocals 1:57

2. Alien Jam (Preview at 01:58)
This is an electronic atmospheric super cool track. perfrct for coroporate ,background for hightech video and video danc
This item includes 4 edits versions: 1. Alien Jam Full Mix 2:33
2. Alien Jam Cut B 1:10
3. Alien Jam Cut C 0:38
4. Alien Jam Underscore 2:00

3. Down The Hill (Preview at 04:32)
This is a smooth folk, light track with an emontional and uplifting melody, playing by soft acustic guitars and bells, Can be idial in summer videos and commercials
This item includes 4 edits versions: 1. Down The Hill Full Mix 2:50 2. Down The Hill Cut B 1:00 3. Down The HillCut C 0:30 4. Down The Hill Underscore 2:50
4. Come With Me (Preview at 7:28)
a warm smooth folk, hapy and soft acustic guitars. perfect for corporate presentations and commercials
This item includes 4 edits versions: 1. Come With Me Full Mix 2:30
2. Come With MeCut B 1:00
3. Come With Me Cut C 0:30
4. Come With Me Underscore 2:30

5. Share The Moments (Preview at 10:12)
An inspiring, and uplifting background track with motivational mood.Fit for corporate presentations, YouTube videos,tutorials,slideshows,or any uplifting and inspirational project.
This item includes 5 edits versions: 1. Share The Moments Full Mix 4:45
2. Share The Moments Cut B 2:28
3. Share The Moments Cut C 1:30
4. Share The Moments Cut D 0:30
5. Share The Moments Underscore 2:28

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