Corporate Acoustic

Corporate Acoustic


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Corporate Acoustic - 4
Corporate Acoustic - 5
This track is corporate energetic, happy, emotional, hopeful, life-affirming, optimistic, impressing, uplifting, inspiring, bewitching, motivational, upbeat, imponderable, happy and positive. There is a beautiful piano, ukulele, acoustic, ringing bells, magical synths, volume conversions, interesting melodies, groovy drums. This track is ideal for pop, corporate advertising, inspiring advertising, amazing slide shows and hopeful corporate, innovative videos, motivational infographics, positive , ambition and movement, inspired promotional, perfect background music for YouTube videos, TV shows, corporate and business presentations,ambient.

The instruments that were used in this track are piano, mute guitar, rhythm guitar, strings, acoustic guitar, bass, claps and percussion.
Corporate Acoustic - 6
There are few versions of this track included in the .ZIP folder. All of them in both high quality formats .WAV (16 bit) and .MP3 (320 kbs).
  1. Version 1 (Main) – 2:12; Starts at 0:00 in preview
  2. Version 2 (Short) – 1:15; Starts at 2:12 in preview
  3. Version 3 (Loop) – 0:56; Starts at 3:28 in preview
  4. Version 4 (Loop) – 0:28; Starts at 4:25 in preview
  5. Version 5 (Loop) – 0:14; Starts at 4:54 in preview

Feel free to contact me if you need an another formats, for example .WAV (24/32 bit), or 48.000/96.000 khz etc.
Corporate Acoustic - 7
For any questions you may use the contact form on the authors profile. Do not hesitate to contact me. I will respond as quickly as possible.
Corporate Acoustic - 8
Dear Videohivers. I will be happy if you use the preview of my track in your video projects. Just let me know about it and I will leave a link to your video project here and on the main page.