Upbeat Corporate Technology Pack

Upbeat Corporate Technology Pack

Corporate music pack with hopeful inspiring vibe for health care like projects. Sounds motivational and positive, gentle and delicate.
Corporate tech tracks with soft beat, building up arrangement, warm piano and strings, modern synths and hopeful dreamy vibe.
Great for voiceover, as soundtrack for inspiring motivational movies, trust health care technology background video, commercial media advertising and any kind of presentation or youtube slideshow advert projects.

If you are looking for corporate tech health care track – this pack is what you need.

MOOD: both sounds motivational and positive, gentle and delicate.
GENRE: Corporate Music.
USE FOR: inspiring motivational movies, trust health care background video, commercial media advertising, presentation, youtube slideshow advert projects.

List of included files:

  1. Upbeat Corporate Technology

    • Upbeat Corporate Technology – 2:35
    • Upbeat Corporate Technology Minute Mix – 1:12
    • Upbeat Corporate Technology Short Mix – 0:37
    • Upbeat Corporate Technology Loop – 0:30
    • Upbeat Corporate Technology Logo – 0:12

  2. Trust Corporate

    • Trust Corporate – 2:28
    • Trust Corporate Minute Mix – 1:08
    • Trust Corporate Short Mix – 0:37
    • Trust Corporate Loop – 0:32
    • Trust Corporate Logo – 0:13

  3. Inspiring Hopeful Motivation

    • Inspiring Hopeful Motivation – 2:46
    • Inspiring Hopeful Motivation Minute Mix – 1:07
    • Inspiring Hopeful Motivation Short Mix – 0:36
    • Inspiring Hopeful Motivation Loop – 0:18
    • Inspiring Hopeful Motivation Logo – 0:14