Upbeat Corporate Pack

Upbeat Corporate Pack


The Inspiring Corporate Pack

This is a corporate, hopeful, positive, inspiring, uplifting, cheerful, calm, background, universal corporate inspiring pack.

It contains 3 tracks:

1. The Motivational Corporate

Upbeat background music, great for inspiration or motivation. This is the background track, positive, inspired, delicate, buoyant, uplifting, with a sensitive mood. Ideal for technology projects, lifestyle, travel, food stamp and videos for health, aesthetic and expensive. Luxurious and the hit. Ideal for startup video promo. Also good for slideshows, presentations, YouTube videos, tutorials, openers, business videos. In this track successful great harmony, catchy guitar harmonics, real electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, guitar palm mute, drums and dynamic percussion.

This track features 4 versions for extra versatility and usability:

  • 1. Full length version: – 2:30
  • 2. 60 sec. version 1:00
  • 3. 30 sec. version 0:30
  • 4. 15 sec. version 0:15
  • 2. Inspiring Motivation

    It is a magical, inspirational, spiritual, quality, corporate, upbeat, unique, successful, motivating, guitar, acoustic, percussion, business, promotional, presentation. Uses: beautiful and bright piano, epic African percussion instruments, acoustic and electric guitar, pop, upbeat drums, bells, bright.

    For ease of use in advertising included 3 versions:

  • 1. Inspiring Motivation full – 2:25
  • 2. Inspiring Motivation short 1:15
  • 3. Inspiring Motivation very short 0:41
  • When writing, I have only used exlusive piano, electro palm mute guitar and special plucks with good mood for you.

    3. Upbeat Corporate

    This is an inspiration, beautiful, corporate, motivational, hopeful, uplifting, upbeat, magical, success, edm, dance, piano, space, electronic, guitar, bells, magic dramatic, relax track for your best, luxury, advertising, high quality, tender, delicate, clinging soul video. Exclusively for presentation, documentary, ad, promo. Two versions are included in the archive (Wav and Mp3).

    Included versions:

  • 1. Upbeat Corporate short- 2:48
  • 2. Upbeat Corporate full- 1:37
  • 3. Upbeat Corporate very short- 0:46
  • When writing, I have only used exclusive corporate mood, electro palm mute guitar and special plucks with good mood for you.