Upbeat Motivational Inspiring Uplifting Rock

Upbeat Motivational Inspiring Uplifting Rock

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Active, inspiring and full of life background music. This track was inspired by indie dance rock songs and soaked all the positive energy from them!

Featured instruments: optimistic overdriven guitars, atmospheric and beautiful lead guitars (optional), airy strings, powerful rhythmic drums, claps and percussion, rocky bass, confident piano, bright acoustic guitar.

This track is great as:
  • Background rock music for youtube, instagram, TikTok;
  • Upbeat rock music for travel or trip video;
  • Energetic rock background for active commercial;
  • Upbeat rock background for business presentation or slideshow;
  • Uplifting rock music for technology presentation;
  • Cheerful background rock gadget presentation;
  • Motivational rock music for sport, fitness, gym and workout video;
  • Energetic rock background for slideshow;
  • Action rock background for infographic videos;
  • Motivational rock background for educational videos;
  • Fun rock music track for opener, showreel;
  • Action rock background for tutorial, explainer;
  • Fiery rock for unboxing, review;
This item includes:
  • Full Track – 2:13 (starts at 0:00 in preview);
  • No guitar melody version– 1:52 (starts at 2:14 in preview);
  • 1 minute version– 0:59 (starts at 4:06 in preview);
  • 30 seconds version– 0:29 (starts at 5:06 in preview);
  • Loop – 0:59 (starts at 5:36 in preview);

All versions are represented in WAV and MP3