Upbeat And Happy Pack

Upbeat And Happy Pack

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This is a pack of 5 songs that have a highly positive, upbeat theme. If you wanted a soundtrack to get yourself up and at ‘em, this would be it.

Ready For The Show

ReadyForTheShow.WAV (1:35)


Overjoyed_Ending.WAV (1:26)

Feeling So Good

FeelingSoGood_FullEnding.WAV: (2:01) FeelingSoGood_Loop.WAV: (1:40)

Sparkling Ocean

SparklingOcean_Ending.WAV: (1:54)

A Relaxing Drive To The Shore

ARelaxingDriveToTheShore_Ending.WAV (2:19)

Ready For The Show:

Mainly driven by acoustic guitar and piano, this song builds through a few brief sections from just guitar, piano and bass, to vocal ooos accompanied by hand claps, and then all together near the end. This song evokes imagery of preparing optimistically for an imminent event.


Bright, cheery, loose and informal, this song is about childlike fun and happiness. Driven by ukulele, piano, and a bright electric piano, this song sports a catchy melody that exudes optimism and positive feelings.

Feeling So Good:

Moderately to slow paced but driving, this song builds from a simple fingerpicked guitar and ukulele, building to a wall of hypnotic sound but also moving into a melodic and memorable chorus driven by a retro electric piano. Mellow but with a feeling of movement, this song has a sense of nostalgia and a happy ending, even a little bit romantic in a positive and comforting way.

Sparkling Ocean:

This song uses a simple melody on the piano backed by a cheery fingerpicked guitar and building with a couple of percussion instruments to the bridge, after which a strummed guitar and electric piano arrive to help drive the song along. Optimistic, cheerful and childlike, this song evokes a positive, sunny feeling.

A Relaxing Drive To The Shore:

This song is driven by a fingerpicked guitar and a train beat, and is all about calm and steady movement. Backed by piano, electric piano, and some vocal “oooo”s in the middle of the tune, this song evokes images of a sunny summer morning on the way to the beach.