Ultimate Summer Ukulele Madness

Ultimate Summer Ukulele Madness

No matter how big is your project – it always deserve professional work!

Ultimate happy and optimistic pack of music featuring UKULELE as the main Summer star!

Perfect choice for any of your holiday videos, commercials, tv and radio spots, advertising … simply everywhere.


Take it Easy – 1:23 (0:00 – 1:23 – in Preview)

Very positive and optimistic Folk/Acoustic song with Ukulele, Acoustic guitars, light drums, tambourine and choppy bass with old rusty strings.

Perfect for your commercials, product presentations, advertising, podcasts, animation and many more.

3 Versions available:
  • Full version (dur 1:23)
  • Edit01 – Ukulele intro (dur 0:25)
  • Edit02 – 30sec. version (dur 0:28)

Ukulele Rock and Roll – 1:39 (1:23 – 3:02 – in Preview)

Classic Rock and Roll played on Ukulele, oldschool drums, electric guitar, upright bass and piano.

Ferfect for all funny videos, commercials, advertising, home videos, openings, animations and many more.

3 versions available
  • Full version (dur 1:39)
  • 60 sec version (dur 1:00)
  • 20 sec version (dur 0:18)

Summer Ukulele SKA – 2:15 (3:57 – 5:18 – in Preview)

Very upbeat and positive song in SKA rythm with Ukulele, Electric guitar, bass, horns section and uplifting drums!

Perfect for your summer videos, advertising, commercials, sport videos, movies and many other!

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Happy Ukulele – 1:07 (5:18 – 6:25 – in Preview)

Very optimistic, easy listening and upbeat Ukulele track with Ukulele as the main instrument and Piano, bass, drums and claps.

Perfect for any commercial, promotion videos, presentations, advertisment, TV and Radio spots and many more.

5 versions included
  • Full version (dur. 1:07)
  • Edit1 (dur. 0:33)
  • Edit2 (dur. 0:33)
  • Ending (logo) (dur. 0:04)
  • Dry Ukulele (dur. 0:33)

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