Ultimate Noise Collection Vol. 1

Ultimate Noise Collection Vol. 1

The Ultimate Noise Collection Vol. 1 is a must-have for producers of all types of broadcast media including television, film, radio, podcast, streaming video, video game and even stage productions. Across the two volumes in this series you will find a wide variety of popular noises sourced from both analog and digital devices. You will find that each file is of the highest quality and performs well with in any playback scenario in mono and stereo. We’ve developed a unique proprietary approach to synthesizing and processing noise that provides more stable and sonically superior profiles, making it easier to use our hybrid sounds in more situations without any need for further equalizing.

Specifically designed to do well with both traditional and mobile devices, playback experience is one of our top priorities. Rest assured when you purchase from OhmLab, you are receiving high quality files every time. With over 25 years experience, we can handle just about anything you may need. Let us know if we can help you with bespoke variations or entirely new creations to help bring your projects into the world the way you’ve imagined them.

The Ultimate Noise Collection Vol. 1 features the following high-quality audio files in both .wav and .mp3 formats:
1. Above Water [0:10]
2. Bad Amp [0:10]
3. Bad Leak [0:10]
4. Bad Motor [0:10]
5. Broken Fractal [0:10]
6. Camping [0:10]
7. Chunky [0:12]
8. Crackle McCrackin [0:10]
9. Crushed Velvet [0:12]
10. Dirty Projector [0:12]
11. Filtered Waves [0:10]
12. Grimey [0:10]
13. High Crackle [0:10]
14. Interference [0:10]
15. Locomotion [0:10]
16. Low End [0:10]
17. Old School [0:10]
18. Persistent [0:12]
19. Piercing Noise [0:10]
20. Radioactive [0:12]
21. Sharp Crackles [0:02]
22. Signal Leak [0:12]
23. Snow Cone [1:11]
24. Tune in Tokyo [0:12]
25. White Blast [0:06]