Ukulele Whistle Happy Fun Pack

Ukulele Whistle Happy Fun Pack


Ukulele Whistle Happy Fun Pack includes 2 tracks with variations:

1. Fun Ukulele Whistle: 0:00 – 3:10 in preview
Fun Ukulele Whistle – Main 1:32
Fun Ukulele Whistle – Short 0:52
Fun Ukulele Whistle – Shorter 0:34
Fun Ukulele Whistle – Loop 0:09

2. Happy Fun Ukulele Whistle: 3:11 – 6:26 in preview
Happy Fun Ukulele Whistle – Main 1:31
Happy Fun Ukulele Whistle – Short 0:52
Happy Fun Ukulele Whistle – Shorter 0:31
Happy Fun Ukulele Whistle – Loop 0:19

Ukulele Whistle Happy Fun Pack perfect for sales, corporate presentations and business videos, brands, ads, intro, promo, films,TV, promotions, love stories, photoshoot, weddings, advertisements, slideshows, websites, motion graphics, smart solutions, gadgets, channels, applications, drone footage, business development, travel vlogs, romantic walk, bike ride, children’s video, viral marketing, web advertisements, popular commercials, visuals and more!

All files are represented in WAV

The Authors VideoHive! You can freely use any of my tracks. Just let me know and I’ll attach your project’s link to my track.

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