Ukulele Pack

Ukulele Pack

No matter how big is your project – it always deserve professional work!

Very positive Ukulele/Folk pack in the style of “Mumford and sons” with other instruments like Marimba, Shakers, Drums, Hammonf Organ …

Perfect choice for any of your videos, commercials, tv and radio spots, advertising, tv shows … simply everywhere.


The Smart Way – 2:16 (0:00 – 2:16 – in Preview)

Very positive and optimistic Ukulele seng with other instruments like Drums, Shakers, Cabasa, Bass guitar, Hammond organ and Electric guitar played trough Lesslie Amp.

Perfect choice for all of your commercials, advertising, company presentations, mobile applications presentations, pharmacy videos or short films.

Song is mastered in a light way so there wont be a problem to put there voiceover or commentary. :)

5 versions included
  • Full version (dur 2:16)
  • Edit01 – Ukulele and cabasa (dur 0:48)
  • 30sec edit (dur 0:27)
  • Edit02 – Ukulele Only (dur 0:26)
  • Logo (dur 0:05)

Catchy Marimba and Ukulele Ad – 1:02 (2:16 – 3:18 – in Preview)

Very optimistic and positive tune with Marimba, Ukulele, Bass guitar, Tambourine, Strings and Drums.

Perfect choice for your corporate videos, advertising, commercials, animations and many more

5 variations included!
  • Full version (dur. 1:01)
  • Edit01 (dur. 0:41)
  • Full – no drums (dur. 1:01)
  • Edit02 Lopped (dur. 0:39)
  • Edit03 (dur. 0:35)

Clapping Ukulele Ad – 1:04 (3:18 – 4:22 – in Preview)

Very positive and catchy Ukulele song with handclaps, tambourine, drums and bass :)

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