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Just brilliant :) Ride on!

thanks so much!!

This is awesome! How did you record uke ?


thanks so much very kind words!! i couldnt possibly say,gotta keep some secrets!!

Love this!

I am thinking of using this for a video I am working on. The problem is my video is 1 min 50 secs long.

Would you be willing to extend the length of this video?

Pls let me know.

it sounds do might have to wait until after xmas thou as im really backlogged with work right now.

how would i go about doing i need to edit my current submission or can i create a new submission with the existing track but just as an extended version?

im still new to a lot of how this site works.

Thanks for the quick reply. After xmas is too late for me however. Thanks anyway.

Meryy Xmas!

sorry my friend.hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

thanks mate much appreciated!!!