Ukulele 5 Pack

Ukulele 5 Pack

This is a pack of 5 of my recent ukulele driven songs:

Fun Guitar And Ukulele

FunGuitarAndUkulele.WAV (1:31)

Old Time Memories

OldTimeMemories_Ending.WAV (1:20) OldTimeMemories_Loop.WAV (1:15)

Ukulele With Sleigh Bells

UkuleleAndSleighBells_Ending.WAV: (1:21) UkuleleAndSleighBells_Loop.WAV: (1:16)

Introspective Ukulele

IntrospectiveUkulele_Ending.WAV: (1:36) IntrospectiveUkulele_Loop.WAV: (1:31)

Mellow Guitar And Ukulele

MellowGuitarAndUkulele.WAV (2:23)

Fun Guitar And Ukulele:

A very happy and hopeful song driven by strummed nylon stringed guitar accompanied by a strummed ukulele. Piano, glockenspiel, electric piano and some percussion adds flavor to this fun tune. Use anywhere a sense of optimism and enjoyment needs to be invoked.

Old Time Memories:

Breaking out the clanky ukulele and the granny piano, this has an old timey feel as if your grandparents were holding a little concert in the upstairs den. Old fashioned and sweet, this upbeat tune is all you need for happy nostalgia!

Ukulele With Sleigh Bells:

Upbeat, happy, cheerful, and fun, this song adds a bit of holiday festivities with sleigh bells jangling in the background, but is also usable any time of year. Instruments are mainly driven by a strummed ukulele along with a childlike melody played on the piano. Perfect for background music where the desired feeling is carefree and positive.

Introspective Ukulele:

Low key but driving ukulele strumming backed at first by a light piano melody and finger snaps, moving into a more bouncy and driving feel during the second half of the song. This song has a slight sense of uncertainty but a stong sense of purpose nonetheless, confident in its direction, evoking feelings of eventual success. Perfect for background music for corporate or personal video presentations.

Mellow Guitar And Ukulele:

A happy and mellow, yet driving song that builds momentum and becomes more powerful in the second half. Driven by ukulele and accompanied by fingerpicked guitar, piano, light non verbal vocals and percussion, this song is perfect for optimistic and positive background music.