True Intensive Breakbeat Trailer Kit

True Intensive Breakbeat Trailer Kit

True Intensive Breakbeat Trailer Kit - 1

This track in style Intensive Breakbeat Trailer good for Sport videos, YouTube videos, advertising, movies and tv commercials! Also, it’s a very good choice for energetic, bright, rock, hip-hop, trailers and colorful videos with different effects and motion graphics. With its vibrant and playful tone and atmosphere, This track will highlight the accents of your video! This track features fuzzy electric guitars, powerful drums, bass and stomps & claps for more groove.

This music kit is based on the original track:
True Intensive Breakbeat Trailer

Included Demos:
DEMO_01 (2:01);
DEMO_02 (2:01);
DEMO_03 (1:49).

Included Song Sections:
01_ShortIntro (0:01);
02_IntroPart (0:10);
03_IntroPart_(No_Guitar) (0:10);
04_Fall_1 (0:02);
05_ChorusPart_1 (0:10);
06_ChorusPart_1_(No_Guitar) (0:10);
07_ChorusPart_2 (0:10);
08_ChorusPart_2_(No_Guitar) (0:10);
09_Fall_2 (0:02);
10_ChorusPart_3 (0:10);
11_ChorusPart_3_(No_Guitar) (0:10);
12_ChorusPart_4 (0:10);
13_ChorusPart_4_(No_Guitar) (0:10);
14_ChorusPart_5 (0:10);
15_ChorusPart_5_(No_Guitar) (0:10);
16_ChorusPart_6 (0:10);
17_ChorusPart_6_(No_Guitar) (0:10);
18_Fall_3 (0:02);
19_ChorusPart_7 (0:10);
20_ChorusPart_7_(No_Guitar) (0:10);
21_ChorusPart_8 (0:10);
22_ChorusPart_8_(No_Guitar) (0:10);
23_ChorusPart_9 (0:10);
24_ChorusPart_9_(No_Guitar) (0:10);
25_ChorusPart_10 (0:10);
26_ChorusPart_10_(No_Guitar) (0:10);
27_ShortEnding (0:03).