Summer Memories

Summer Memories

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Tropical Lounge (Tropical Summer) Royalty Free Music is a positive and inspirational ambient sunset and dreamy sunshine deep house royalty free track. Bright mix of the tropical instruments with the deep hose beats, gentle synth pads, bright percussions and piano. Track charge Your Amazing Media by positive mood and summer freshness.

Summer Memories - 1

Summer Memories - 2

Warm sunset, gentle coast, beautiful girls, golden beach, welcome to Summer. Inspired by modern trends like Tropical House and Sumer Pop songs, this track is suitable for a wide variety of audiences.

Tropical Summer is included 5 versions:

Tropical Summer (Main Version) 2:08 (00:00 – 02:08 on preview)
Tropical Summer (Chill Out Version) 2:08 (02:08 – 04:16 on preview)
Tropical Summer (Short 1-30) 1:30 (04:16 – 05:46 on preview)
Tropical Summer (Short 1-00) 1:00 (05:46 – 06:46 on preview)
Tropical Summer (Short 0-30) 0:31 (06:46 – 07:17 on preview)

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the track are included in the download package.

Summer Memories - 3

Mood of this track: relaxing, inspiring, summer, beauty, dreamy, airy and flying, tropical sea or ocean coast, chilled progressive house, created with memories and emotions about summer vacation, ocean breeze, warm sun light before sunset.

This is excellent, evolving background track for hotel, radio ads and backgrounds, summery commercials, festival intro’s, beauty or cosmetics advertising, vacation and travel video, afterparty video and family vacation, aftermovies, fasion party, modern slideshows, photographers websites and many others.

Summer Memories - 4

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