Tropical Summer Upbeat Kit

Tropical Summer Upbeat Kit

This Music Kit based on my original AudioJungle track: Tropical Summer Upbeat

The “Tropical Summer Upbeat” track is in a Pop style. Main instruments are Synth, piano, flute and tropical rhythmic Drums. Track is ideal for Commercials, TV, movies and Radio, slide shows, product promo, epic scenes, slow motion, TV spots, timelapse videos, city promos, destianation video promos, movie trailer, corporate videos, workout videos, commercials, advertisement, scenic dance, dance and many more.

Whats inside:

21 no tails song sections, trimmed on the beat to help you quickly arrange and snap together a guide track for your project.
21 matching tails song sections, with natural audio endings for smooth transitions and a seamless final result.
2 ready-to-use demo arrangements for extra convenience and inspiration.
All audio files are provided as high quality WAV (44.1 kHz / 16-bit).

Demo Tracks:

Demo_01 (2:21)
Demo_02 (2:21)

Song Sections:

01_Intro (0:10)
02_Intro (0:10) Uplifter
03_MainTheme (0:10)
04_Theme1 (0:10) Part1
05_Theme1 (0:10) Part1 WithSolo
06_Theme1 (0: 10) Part2
07_Theme1 (0: 10) Part2 WithSolo
08_Theme1 (0: 10) Part3
09_Theme1 (0: 10) Part3 WithSolo
10_Theme1 (0: 10) Part4
11_Theme1 (0: 10) Part4 InEndSolo
12_Theme1 (0: 10) Part4 WithSolo
13_Bbridge (0: 10) Part1
14_Bbridge (0: 10) Part1 WithSolo
15_Bbridge (0: 10) Part2
16_Bbridge (0: 10) Part2 WithSolo
17_Theme1 (0: 10) Part5
18_Theme1 (0: 10) Part5 WithSolo
19_Theme1 (0: 10) Part6
20_Theme1 (0: 10) Part6_WithSolo
21_MainTheme (0: 10) FinalLoop