Tropical Summer Pack

Tropical Summer Pack


This pack includes 3 easy, summer tracks.

Tropical Summer Pack - 1

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  1. Summer Tropic Deep House

    Summer Tropic Deep House is an atmospheric, fresh, cool, confident, bright, cheerful, peppy, inspirational, inspirational, motivational, catchy deep track with a dynamic, powerful, moving, energizing, rhythmic and melodious sunshine.

    This track is included in Summer Tropic Deep House Kit

    Ideal for a dance floor, party, stylish slide shows, travel, adventure, leisure and holidays, festivals, summer memories, summer diary, spending time with friends, commercial advertising, viral marketing, crowdfunding campaigns, sports videos, gym, training, action and extreme, catwalk videos, screensavers, animations, and more!

    Includes 5 Wav and mp3 files:
    • 1.Summer Tropic Deep House (Full) – 1:45
    • 2.Summer Tropic Deep House (without Vocal Samples) – 1:45
    • 3.Summer Tropic Deep House (Short) – 0:55
    • 4.Summer Tropic Deep House (Short without Vocal Samples) – 0:55
    • 5.Summer Tropic Deep House (Loop) – 1:22

  2. Summer Tropical Travel

    This is a positive, inspirational, easy, inspirational, fun and optimistic pop track will be ideal as a background in various motivational, inspirational, inspirational, business, corporate, advertising, headlines, travel videos, slide shows, marketing, video blogs, Youtube and video streaming.

      Includes 5 versions:
      • 1.Summer Tropical Travel (Full) – 2:26
      • 2.Summer Tropical Travel (Full without Vocal Samples) – 2:26
      • 3.Summer Tropical Travel (Main) – 1:51
      • 4.Summer Tropical Travel (Short) – 1:00
      • 5.Summer Tropical Travel (Very Short) – 0:26

      This track is included in Summer Tropical Travel Kit

    • Tropical Summer Time

      This is a fresh summer track using atmospheric vocal samples, an air piano and a deep house style rhythm section.

      This track is included in Tropical Summer Time Kit

      Includes 5 wav and mp3 tracks:
      • 1.Tropical Summer Time (Main) – 1:43
      • 2.Tropical Summer Time (Full) – 2:15
      • 3.Tropical Summer Time (Short) – 0:55
      • 4.Tropical Summer Time (without Vocal Samples) – 2:15
      • 5.Tropical Summer Time (Loop) – 2:08