Tropical Summer Dance

Tropical Summer Dance

Tropical Summer Love Dance, Summer Love Party, Tropical House Music

“Tropical Summer Dance” is a fresh, positive tropical summer royalty free music performed by modern electronic instruments. This tropical summer house track is a soft, sentimental pop electronic track with vocal chops, synth, drums, tropical percussion, deep bass, pan flute, background piano and other instruments and sounds.

“Tropical Summer Dance” is perfect for:
  • background music for travel agency, airline company, hotels and other project that needs positive fresh music
  • for cool and modern videos about summer love story, summer travel, summer memory, sexy calm video and other
  • beach party, fashion, sea sports, pro photographer, corporate and inspirational projects and much more
  • radio drama, theater and TV performance about travelling and waterpark
  • background music for booktrailer or audiobook about travelers and wild tropical islands
  • YouTube video about traveling, summer, rest and other
  • video for celebration, web promotions, presentations, advertising and timelapse
  • computer games with tropical islands, adventure and travels
This item includes five versions in zip file (wav & mp3):
  1. full (Tropical Summer Dance) – 2:19
  2. short1 (Tropical Summer Dance) – 2:00 (from 2:20 in preview)
  3. short2 (Tropical Summer Dance) – 1:21 (from 4:21 in preview)
  4. minute (Tropical Summer Dance) – 1:00 (from 5:44 in preview)
  5. loop (Tropical Summer Dance, only wav) – 0:38 (from 6:45 in preview)

Videohive authors, you can use any of my tracks. If you want other version of this track please send me an email or comments. I’ll be glad post a link to your item here and my profile page.