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Amazing! Good work!:)

Thanks dude :D

Amazing! Good Luck!

Thanks for stopping by Action Foundry, cheers :)

Very cool Sam!!!

Thanks very much for the feedback beeemusic :)

Woah! Amazing, 100% a halloween must-have in my opinion, well done mate. Great sounds, very balanced orchestration, and attention to detail. Thumbs up!

Thanks so much for your encouragement mate, means a lot especially coming from a successful AudioJungler like yourself. I did spend a fair bit of time trying to articulate that clarinet realistically, but it was all good fun :)

Great job man. Love 00:15-00:30.

Thanks for stopping by Matthew! Glad you like it :)

Great!!! very good sound. Very good orchestral arrangement. :)

Thanks a lot dude, big compliment coming from a master orchestrator such as yourself :)

Nice sound quality, gradation. Good job :)

Thanks dude :)

Amazing track mate! Cool thumbnail :)

Thanks mate! :D

Really great track Sam, and a commendable job with orchestration and making the samples sound authentic.

Thanks so much Josh, that’s very kind of you to say :D It’s been too long since I’ve written anything like this!