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LOVE the song .. its awesome.

Thanks for the link, is a great video :)

This track is seriously awesome, brilliant writing and instrumentation, very Elfman. I can’t believe there’s only like 6 halloween tracks in the seasonal section, hopefully that’s good thing for us authors! Just waiting for approval on my Halloween theme.

All the best, Sam

Thanks Sam, Danny Elfman is my hero :) listen to your Halloween theme. Good luck with sales!

Dude I feel really bad about having the same name track, pretty much anyway. I didn’t do it on purpose but I must have thought of it since I’d listened to your great track before naming mine. Yours beats mine hands down anyway ;) Keep up the great work dude

don’t worry my friend :), Best regards.

This tune is really amazing. Fresh, funny, definitely not typical stock music.

thank you very much my friend.

Clockwork eerie track! Great job!


This track is truly awesome. Great job! :)

Thank you!!!

This is the best Halloween themed music on audiojungle! I Do the second template with this music The first was in October 2011, and now in 2014 used it again in new Halloween themed template. Great job!

Thank you my friend :)

Just noticed this track :) Cool work!

Thank you for beautiful music and inspiration!
Play preview video

Thank you my friend!!!