Tribal Ethnic Jungle Drums

Tribal Ethnic Jungle Drums

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Native Flute, African Music, Throat singing, Aboriginal Australia


Tribal Ethno Jungle Drums is Background Music commercial track in the style of World Beat with Native Theme perfectly suitable as background for ethnic traditional video, Tribal Ambient mystical and magical atmosphere, Safari Adventure, Documentary Background about of Ancient World, Aboriginal Dance, exotic TV Show , Game Background, Discovery Channel, Discovery World video, films and TV series, story about Voodoo Ritual and other cult rituals, Savage Tribal nature and savannah, scientific broadcast about expedition to mongolian, Siberia, tuvan tribes, presentation and stylish projects, web page and radio music.

In this track used tuvan Throat Singing (khoomei, kargyraa), traditional Jaw Harp, Ethnic Percussion, epic Action Drums, African Drums, Bongo Drums, tambourines, Ethnic Flute, beautiful woman vocal.

FIVE versions included:

– Original – 2:22

– Version 2 (Medium) – 2:01

– Version 3 (without vocal) – 2:22

– Version 4 (Medium, without vocal) – 2:01

– Version 5 (short, without vocal) – 1:23

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