Trendy Sport Urban Hip-Hop Kit

Trendy Sport Urban Hip-Hop Kit

This Music Kit is based on item The Hip-Hop

This is a catchy modern future hip-hop with some funky guitars, Flume style synth bass, percussive electronic plucks, catchy vocal chops and chill step beat. Starts with a classic hip-hop intro with Rhodes chops and straight kick drum. Then transforms to the full hip-hop beat with a Flume style walk bass and funky guitars chops.

This modern electronic future hip-hop will be good for a sport commercial video, fashion video, car commercial, urban video, streetwear commercial, sportswear advertising, urban fashion, trendy advertising, dance video, party event video and more.

List of included files:

  • 01_Intro_Vox_ 0:06
  • 02_Intro_NoVox_.wav 0:06
  • 03_VerseA1_Vox_ 0:12
  • 04_VerseA1_NoVox_ 0:12
  • 05_VerseA2_Vox_ 0:12
  • 06_VerseA2_NoVox_ 0:12
  • 07_VerseB1_Vox_ 0:12
  • 08_VerseB1_NoVox_ 0:12
  • 09_VerseB2_Vox_SnareFill_ 0:12
  • 10_VerseB2_NoVox_SnareFill_ 0:12
  • “11_Breakdown_Vox_ 0:24
  • 12_Breakdown_NoVox_ 0:24
  • 13_VerseC_Vox 0:24
  • 14_VerseC_NoVox 0:24
  • 15_VerseD_Vox 0:25
  • 16_VerseD_NoVox 0:25

Also, after purchase, you will get 3 “ready to use” wav demo tracks:

  • 1. Demo_AllMainSections – 1:48
  • 2. Demo_Instrumental – 1:48
  • 3. Demo_30sec_version – 0:37

Check how this tune works in this awesome template by ae-rocket

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