Travel Pack

Travel Pack

Travel Pack - 1

“Travel Pack” is a light and soaring trance tracks. Will create an excellent mood, will be an indispensable background supplement to your videos. Perfect for slow motion, travel and lifestyle videos, nature videos, documentary, timelapse, drone, commercial, auto reviews and for other video projects!

1. Travel Trance
Travel Trance (Full Version) 3:12
Travel Trance (Short Version) 1:59
Travel Trance (Mini Version) 1:32
2. Travel
Travel (Full Version) 2:50
Travel (Without Vocal Samples Version) 2:50
Travel (Short Version) 1:45
3. Road Trip
Road Trip (Full Version) 2:38
Road Trip (Short Version) 1:51
Road Trip (Mini Version) 1:21
4. Road To The Horizon
Road To The Horizon (Full Version) 1:36
Road To The Horizon (Short Version) 1:21
Road To The Horizon (Mini Version) 0:50

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