Travel Pack

Travel Pack

A bundle of 3 upbeat acoustic adventure songs by Happy Face Music! These inspiring folk songs are perfect for outdoor adventures, happy stories, family road trips, photo and video montages, feel good travel videos, uplifting adventures, and much more!!

Songs included:

1. Upbeat Folk (4 versions included) – 2:25
A modern acoustic ukulele song featuring strumming ukuleles, acoustic guitars, claps, wonderful melodies, soft vocal harmonies, and an inspiring atmosphere.

Included Versions of “Upbeat Folk”:

  • Upbeat Folk (Full Length Version) – 2:25
  • Upbeat Folk (Full Length Instrumental Version) – 2:25
  • Upbeat Folk (60 Second Version) – 1:00
  • Upbeat Folk (60 Second Instrumental Version) – 1:00

  • 2. Feeling Good (4 versions included) – 2:40
    A happy acoustic adventure song featuring acoustic guitars, electric guitars, driving bass, positive melodies, and upbeat percussion…this feel good song will bring an uplifting and joyful atmosphere to your project!

    Included Versions of “Feeling Good”:

  • Feeling Good (Full Length Version) – 2:40
  • Feeling Good (60 Second Version) – 1:00
  • Feeling Good (30 Second Version) – 0:30
  • Feeling Good (Looping Version) – 1:08

  • 3. Life is Beautiful – 2:45
    An energetic and adventurous acoustic folk song that will take you on an amazing journey…this song sets an inspiring and positive atmosphere!

    WAV and MP3 versions of all songs are included.  photo 30-pixel-gap_zpsn6kytnyc.png photo happyface-portfolio-final_zpspl5kst1c.png photo happyface-best-sellers-final_zps2m8vosbu.png photo happyface-similar-songs-final_zpsyqsatvk7.png photo 30-pixel-gap_zpsn6kytnyc.png  photo follow-happy-face-final_zps8zvtu7oj.png photo 30-pixel-gap_zpsn6kytnyc.png Travel Pack - 1