Trailer Pack

Trailer Pack

  1. Action Military Epic Trailer

    This is a fairly diverse track that includes several different directions such as cinematographic (expressed in brass, strings), rock (expressed in a powerful electric guitar), energetic dubstep drums, as well as many other electric sounds that complement the integrity of the track. I really like computer games, strategy, action and adventures, tanks, military, moments of hope and patriotic, all where you can shoot and release steam at the end of a difficult working day…:) That’s why I created this powerful track that will help you make your project excellent. This track can be used in trailers, games, animations, movies, intros. It has military mood, great for action films and games, featuring shooting, war, aviation, battle etc.

    4 versions included in the zip:

    • Full (2:01)
    • Short1 (1:13)
    • Short2 (0:54)
    • Short3 (0:52)

  2. Action Epic Trailer

    This powerful epic track in the style of Hollywood movies with hybrid elements, dynamic strings, dramatic hoir, heroic french horns and brass. Thanks to powerful drums track is ideal for the blockbuster, soundtrack, trailer, cinema, film, video game, for Advertising projects, Youtube or Vimeo video, shows, presentations.

    Included 5 Versions:

    • Full – 2:22
    • Short1 – 1:05
    • Short2 – 0:58
    • Short3 – 0:39
    • Short4 – 0:34

  3. Suspense and Dramatic Dubstep Trailer

    Epic, suspensful and dark, intense cinematic background action soundtrack. This track is quite aggressive and energetic, it causes an anxious and tense mood, something associated with the war machines, transformers, cosmos, the apocalypse, the end of the world. In this track low dark synth pulses in the style of Hans Zimmer, powerful transition reverses & rises, tense epic Hollywood strings, choir, dramatic horn, aggressive hybrid dubstep electronic drums.

    Included 3 Versions:

    • Full (length 1:53)
    • Short1 (length 1:03)
    • Short2 (length 0:58)