Trailer Music Variety Pack

Trailer Music Variety Pack

As the title suggests, this is a pack of music that would be suited for different kinds of trailers (stylistically speaking). They all have a dark tone, but they are all in their own way ‘cinematic’. In this pack you have a classical/choral trailer track, a rocktronica trailer track, an electronic trailer track, and a ‘drums-only’ trailer track.

All of the tracks are fairly short, and should add maximum impact to your productions.

And of course, you’re saving money from buying them in a pack rather than individually!

Here follows the individual descriptions of each track:


Voices Of The Apocalypse 0:35

A short but highly powerful track which will work very well for trailers that need a powerful finish / close. Featuring incredibly realistic epic choirs, accompanied by a booming and throbbing set of percussion and drums, along with brass and strings. This is a full-blown no holds barred maximum impact production.

In the ZIP file, not only will you receive the full track, but you will also receive two looping tracks. You can hear all of these in the preview above. The 3 files (as ordered in the preview) are:

a) Voices Of The Apocalypse_FULL – 0:35

The full version of the track.

b) Voices Of The Apocalypse_LOOP1 – 0:11

A loop of the first 10.5 seconds of the track.

c) Voices Of The Apocalypse_LOOP2 – 0:05

A loop of the section of 0:19-0:24 in the full track.

These different tracks are designed to give you a bit more flexibility in how you construct your tracks.


Ominous Entry 0:52

A dark and foreboding track, perfect for sci-fi trailers or other promos with a scary, horrific or ominous theme.

The track itself is simply a swell with a pulsating bass line that oscillates and grows gradually to its climax, after which it cuts out suddenly. This can provide excellent shock value in your trailers.

The ending serves as an echo or a coda for what has come before. A chance to reflect on the madness of whatever visuals you decide to put this too!


Cataclysm 1:38

A constantly accelerating aggressive cinematic rock track. This is the music I envisage playing if the world was invaded by zombies!!!

It goes without saying that this track will work perfectly with trailer endings due to the constantly increasing intensity.

There are multiple layers of guitars here, all doing slightly different things. The acoustic guitars in the background give the music an organic feel. There are numerous guitar leads played on a Telecaster (the softer sounds) and a Paul Reed Smith (the harder sounds and the leads). There is another layer of guitars doing some creepy effects in the background, most obvious at the beginning of the track.


Epic Drums Of Doom 7 0:58

For pulsating action scenes, trailers, pounding chase sequences, or even just an accompaniment for a robust website, an Epic Drums Of Doom track will fill your needs.

This particular track accelerates constantly and therefore grows in intensity throughout. While featuring the usual assortment of traditional and ethnic percussion, it is also accompanied by screeching strings. While this works well across all intense applications, it would work best for anything horror related.

I hope you find these tracks useful. Should you need any edits or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! Thanks.