Touch The Star

Touch The Star

Indie Pop Rock romantic song full produced with vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, orchestra, bass guitar and uplifting drums.

Great for your commercials, movies, tv films but also romantic or wedding videos!

3 full versions are included in the main file

  • Full (dur. 2:30) @0:00 in preview
  • Full – only backing vocals (dur. 2:30) @2:30 in preview
  • Full – instrumental (dur. 2:30) @5:00 in preview


Between the sky and my head

ther´s a place i can´t forget

a place full of you

A little world i´ve made for you

no place for lies only true

where smiles are bright and skies are blue


just follow me and take my hand

i show you things you won’t regret

so close your eyes i’ve got something special for you …


´cos i tried, tried to reach the sky and touch a star

tried to reach the sky for you

i tried, tried to reach the sky and steal a star

the brightest star that shines on you.

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