To Epicness Pack

To Epicness Pack

I am pleased to present the new package “To Epicness Pack”. Promote your upcoming projects, games or videos with this high quality track . This pack compositions was inspire designed for this purpose. With a straight build up to an inspire climax, this tracks covers it all in order to boost your promotional needs to the fullest!

The package includes 3 tracks.

1 To Epicness
To Epicness Full – 1:53
To Epicness Mini – 1:13
To Epicness Short – 0:45
To Epicness Teaser – 0:25

2 It is Epically
It is Epically Full – 1:53
It is Epically Mini – 1:09
It is Epically Short – 0:42
It is Epically Teaser – 0:23

3 To the Epic
To the Epic Full – 1:46
To the Epic Mini – 1:29
To the Epic Short – 0:42
To the Epic Teaser – 0:22

Total time main tracks – 5:34