To Be Punk

To Be Punk

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\\ To Be Punk - 1 This is powerful, energetic, driving, extreme and loud punk rock track. It starts with catchy guitar riff and continues with rhythm guitar, bass und powerful drums sound. A lot of guitar riffs variations. Sound is very tough and extreme. Teenage rock, california punk pop, you name it. This song has pumping beats and heavy distortion guitar sounds, which will definitely bring you to another level of energy. Will be perfect for action, extreme, sports , racing or fighting videos, games, films. Used instruments: Electric guitar, bass, drums. To Be Punk - 2 Depard – To Be Punk (WAV/MP3)[2:32]
Depard – To Be Punk – Loop A (WAV/MP3) [0:10]
Depard – To Be Punk – Loop B (WAV/MP3) [0:20]
Depard – To Be Punk – Loop C (WAV/MP3) [0:10]
Depard – To Be Punke – Loop D (WAV/MP3) [0:54]

To Be Punk - 3
To Be Punk - 4

As You can see, if You buy this track, You also receive 4 loops which can help You to create Your own version of this song easily and without loosing Your time. You can place loops in any order that You want and You’ll get Your own music track that can fit Your project perfectly. Just open any DAW (for ex. Fruity Loops, Apple Logic Pro, Cubase e.t.c) and simply drop WAV or MP3 files in Your own order.
If You have problems with editing this track and You need more changes, just contact me through AudioJungle profile page or drop me an email on I work fast and effective. My hour rate is only 30$, so if Your idea is not very complex, You’ll get final version of You track cheaper than 30$. To Be Punk - 5 This track is included in a pack of 5 awesome Punk Rock music tracks.. \\

To Be Punk - 6 \\ \\ \\

To Be Punk - 7 \\ \\
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