Timers Regular and Intense Set

Timers Regular and Intense Set

Timers – Regular and Intense Set

It’s a pretty solid and versatile set that includes lot of various sounds of timer ticking. Good for game, video and TV production.
A little guide to the set:

Pieces with “1s” in their name are 1-second loops. Pieces with “5s” are 5-seconds loops – first, for your convenience. Second, for the timer’s sound isn’t so monotonous, ‘cause it’s not just five single 1-sec loops combined together, but separate pieces with some little tricks that make the “clicks” less annoying for user or listener.
Pieces with “Pulse” and “Rapid Pulse” have a strong thump, heartbeat like effect. You can combine them among themselves, or combine “regular” loops with them to have an effect of growing intension when time is about to run out.
Pieces with “Drama plus” have additional brass sound for more dramatic and epic mood.
Pieces with “Ending” are for final beat of your countdown. You can use them, or use your own mega-blast effect, or conclude the count with things like Wrong Answer and You Win; it depends on your project’s theme, of course.

Here’s the files’ list (in order of appearance in the preview):
  • Timer Intense 5s Pulse
  • Timer Intense 5s Pulse Drama plus
  • Timer Intense 5s Rapid Pulse
  • Timer Intense 5s Rapid Pulse Drama plus
  • Timer Regular 5s
  • Timer Intense 1s Pulse
  • Timer Intense 1s Pulse Drama plus
  • Timer Intense 1s Rapid Pulse
  • Timer Intense 1s Rapid Pulse Drama plus
  • Timer Regular 1s
  • Timer Regular Ending – 2.5sec
  • Timer Regular Ending Dark – 5.5sec
  • Timer Intense Ending Dark – 8sec
  • Timer Intense Ending Dark Drama plus – 8sec
  • Timer Intense Ending Pulse – 3sec

If you want some custom edition of this piece, feel free to contact me. In simple cases this can be done for free.

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