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Great work my friend. Love the guitars. And congrats on the feature! Well deserved.

Thank you for the kind words, Josh! Nice to be your feature “neighbour”! :)

Thank you, mister! :)

Congrats!! great work!! :)

Thank you, miss! :)

Nice stuff. I especially appreciate that you did the corporate guitar delay thing but you still made it sound like a real guitar with good tone instead of the weird plucky thing that a lot of people are doing with their guitars on “corporate” tracks.. All the best!

Thank you the nice words and give me song a listen! :) I am also happy with that delay guitar, had a good time recording it. I also checked out some of your works, keep up the good work, mate! :)

Can you please create the same version but without guitars? please email me at serjay@erickson.edu

I sent you an email about this matter! :)

A very nice & uplifting piece, keep it up =)

Thank you, iristsh! :)

great track…it should do well for you..my clients love it..thanks!! purchasing now…

Thank you very much, bobach! :) Btw, great profile pic! :D

thanks…Chucky’s good cousin..:)

beautiful song , very nice :)

Danke Schön! I am glad you like it, man! :)