Thoughtful Elegant Chill

Thoughtful Elegant Chill

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Soft downtempo music with a calming feel for peaceful projects, mellow movies, or ambient landscape videos.
It engages audience with its warm tranquil feel, serene atmosphere and touching sensual vibes.
Downtempo beat, deep bass, soft emotional piano, atmospheric synthesizers and contemplative thoughtful vibes creates meditative love feel.

This sound will really set the tone for any calming emotional videos or reflective tranquil movies.

MOOD: sensual, downtempo music, touching and sensual, smooth and reflective.
FEATURES: modern beat, atmospheric synthesizers
GENRE: Downtempo Chillout Music.
SUITED FOR: it’s a thoughtful and serene theme, this could provide a great background track for a wide range of project work including:

  • Elegant vlog opener
  • Chillout style podcast show
  • Thoughtful romantic videos
  • Sensual loving movies soundtrack
  • Soothing youtube commercial
  • Landscape background and more
There are five individual files in the pack:
  • Thoughtful Elegant Chill – 2:12
  • Minute Mix – 1:08, (2:07 in preview).
  • Short Mix – 0:36, (3:21 in preview).
  • Loop – 0:16, (3:57 in preview).
Make your own mix with a flexible music kit: Thoughtful Elegant Chill Kit