Those Days Are Gone

Those Days Are Gone

THOSE DAYS ARE GONE (song with vocals)


A hard hitting, powerful rock song (with a tinge of country). The lyrics speak for themselves, it’s a song about loss of love, which is something almost all of us can relate to.

The song features aggressive male vocals, accompanied by driving rhythm guitar. The track also has a lot of strong melodic riffs (as well as the vocals) which helps keep it flowing from one section to another.

There are 2 versions of the track, described below.


1. TITLE: Those Days Are Gone

Length: 4:13

Description: The full unedited version of the track.

2. TITLE: Those Days Are Gone – Instrumental

Length: 4:10

Description: The same track, but with no vocals.


Just knock back and sell my sleep
I don’t remember when I got too deep but
Those days are gone
Shelter me now my memory’s black
Hold me, now tell me what I lack
comforts gone and it ain’t coming back
Those days are gone

I remember how I did you wrong
All the women and the night and the drinks are strong
Cant go back cause it’s been too long, no
Those days are gone
I can still see you every night
see you coming home with him and turning off the light
Used to be me that had you every night but
Those days are gone

Sugar won’t you holler won’t you touch my soul
Sing it like silence, breathe it out could
Hard like a grudge, make it black like coal
Sweet like the lighter, sweet like the bowl
Sing it through the sunlight, sing it through the rain
Sing it through the joy and sing it through the pain
Sing it like it was when I still had a song
Sing it to remind me those days are gone

Push to hard and you just know I’ll slip
Stand me back up, but you know I’m gonna trip
Used to be a smile that’d cross my lips but
Those days are gone
Lots of ways for you to break a man
I’ve seen them all and even done the ones I can
Used to be I knew when I was breaking bad but
Those days are long long gone

CHORUS 2 (same as above)

Don’t have nothing can’t be taken away
Keep on talking, I’ve got nothing to say
Used to recognize me but I know you forgot
I don’t know what I am but I remember what I’m not

I know you don’t see me when you’re out in the sun
But staring down the barrel now all that’s done
There once was a time when I don’t pull that gun but
Those day are gone

CHORUS 3 (same as above)


Track available in both WAV and MP3 format. Please contact me if you need additional music editing.

Thanks for listening. I hope you will find a good use for this track in your projects.