This is Rock Baby

This is Rock Baby

The power, Drive and adrenaline. Music in the style of Queen, the music in the style Nickelback. The steps and claps. This music inspires and motivates on something that would rush on the bike with the wind in order to have fun, soulful music for Striptease music to sports.

5 versions included
  • 1.This is Rock, Baby (full version) – 2:08
  • 2.This is Rock, Baby (full,without voice) – 2:08
  • 3.This is Rock, Baby (Short version with Voice) – 1:44
  • 4.This is Rock, Baby (Short version 1) – 1:45
  • 5.This is Rock, Baby (Short version 2) – 1:15
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  • This is Rock Baby - 1 This is Rock Baby - 2 This is Rock Baby - 3 This is Rock Baby - 4 This is Rock Baby - 5 This is Rock Baby - 6 This is Rock Baby - 7 This is Rock Baby - 8 This is Rock Baby - 9 This is Rock Baby - 10 This is Rock Baby - 11 This is Rock Baby - 12 This is Rock Baby - 13 This is Rock Baby - 14 This is Rock Baby - 15 This is Rock Baby - 16 This is Rock Baby - 17 This is Rock Baby - 18 This is Rock Baby - 19 This is Rock Baby - 20 This is Rock Baby - 21 This is Rock Baby - 22 This is Rock Baby - 23 This is Rock Baby - 24 This is Rock Baby - 25

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