This is Epical

This is Epical

Epic Trailer Music!

“This is Epical” is a motivational, cinematic uplifting piece of orchestral, royalty free music designed for use in film, television, trailers, commercials, countdowns, new year videos and so much more. It`s perfect for that epic YouTube sting!

“This is Epical” is an instantly recognisable mood setting piece of music. Introduced with a piano and string arpeggio, which builds with the orchestral and drums The mood is then taken to the next level with the huge orchestral, drums and melodies that are awesome for your visual projects.

“This is Epical“ is the perfect sting, opener, backing track, branding piece, orchestral track filled with strong and uplifting positive energy. The second version is great for presenting New Year videos with one minute countdown and fireworks. Hope you like it!

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Track executed professionally and efficiently, so the effect on the listener is guaranteed!

This is Epical - 1

This track has 4 versions:

1) This is Epical (Full) – 2:18

2) This is Epical (Medium) – 1:06

3) This is Epical (Short 1) – 0:49

4) This is Epical (Short 2) – 0:29


This is Epical - 2

This is Epical - 3

This is Epical - 4


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