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Beautiful epic track! I like =)


ThanX for your great work!


Amazing track!!

Cool and very good, everything is done with a soul, good luck

Okay, this is epic

Beautiful epic! Nice souns!

Very impressive epic cinematic theme, good job! ♪♫

hi all. I am beginner, and i get it via freebies. but how to remove “AudioJungle” words from the track ? or is it possible ? I remain for your kind respond. Thank you.

Hello! You must enter your Username, Password and press Download it for free (on a green background with the right).

yes i already did it same as you wrote here, but still i am hearing “AudioJungle” in each ~5 seconds. So I thought that if those files are freebies so still why i can hear that ? :(((

Ah so sorry i think i did it now…. Oh so sorry . Thank you :)

Amazing Track!!!! Well Done!!!

Thank you!

Great cinematic track, Thank you so much :)

Thanks you!))

Very beautiful epic!


WOW, what a real Epic Sound! Love the Chorus at the End. Thank you!


BIG UPS appreciation, just worked this into my new The Web Stylist promo AE video!

Thank you very much!)

Very much appreciated Cheers!!! :)

Thank you!))

Hi, congratulation for your music ! It’s amazing and very dynamic ! I got it by freebies in January. So I get the Music Regular Licence with the song when I downloaded it… I was wondering if I could use it (for a single video) for one of my client ? While I get it for free…. Is it ok ? Tell me if not. Thank you.

Hello. I don’t know for sure, but you can ask this question to the Audiojungle administration. Thank you.))

Thank you. I will ask them. :-)