This is Award Kit

This is Award Kit

This is Award Kit is a gala, cinematic and emotional track with orchestra and sound effects. Bright strings staccato, emotional and inspiring chor, deep and power orchestral drums, epic horn theme! This is perfect as a background for teaser trailer, cinematic soundtrack, cinematic trailer, blockbuster trailer, movie trailer, movies, film, video, promo, trailers massive, polished, blockbuster sound for trailers, advertising, teasers, and video games.

This kit is based on this music: This is Award

Here is a very convenient kit for you to create an corporate music. By using its separate parts you can easily construct a music track which will meet all your requirements.

Demo tracks:

Demo 1 – 1:12
Demo 2 – 0:22


01_Intro_Fx – 0:02
02_Intro1 – 0:15
03_Intro2 – 0:18
04_Verse1 – 0:15
05_Verse2 – 0:15
06_Chorus1 – 0:15
07_Chorus2 – 0:15
08_Outro1 – 0:15
09_Outro2 – 0:15
10_Coda – 0:06

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