This Africa

This Africa

This Africa is an percussive positive Ethnic score, great for every video with nature, landscape, animals and much more.

Africa Sound like: Nature, animals, safari, African, jungle, adventure, chad, landscapes, lions, zoo, family trip, journey, Ethnic, animals, travel.

 This Africa    comes up with 5 mixes (MP3/WAV) for your taste:

1. This Africa /Original Mix/ 2:38 – At demo preview starts from 0:00 up to 2:38

2. This Africa /Original No Vocals Mix / 2:38 – At demo preview starts from 2:38 up to 5:16

3. This Africa /Original No Atmosphere Mix / 2:38 – At demo preview starts from 5:16 up to 7:54

4. This Africa /Original No Bells Mix / 2:38 – At demo preview starts from 7:54 up to 10:32

5. This Africa /Loop Mix / 0:32 – At demo preview starts from 10:32 up to 11:04

Available also like a Music Kit: This Africa Kit

Also I can imagine this track supporting trailer videos, promo videos, theater trailers.

Here are some adviced tracks:

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Africa Percussion

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Epic Percussion

VIDEOHIVE AUTHORS: Feel free to use any of my preview tracks for your projects. Just let me know so I can include a link!

Zip file includes WAV and high-quality MP3s for your convenience.