Things are Looking Up

Things are Looking Up

Included in: ‘Inspirational Motivational Corporate Music’ pack


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A track full of hope and positivity.

The piece begins with the main piano theme which is soon accompanied with an acoustic guitar and some light drumming. The drums soon drop in to the background and the piece begins to build towards the chorus and an infectious rhythm steadily mixes in to the track. The chorus kicks in with an uplifting chord progression played on the guitar and piano, accompanied with drums and bass. A catchy melody soon enters along with hand claps, heightening the positive feel that little bit more. Following the chorus, the main piano theme enters once again with a funky drum beat and bass line, maintaining the upbeat feel. Finally, the drum and bass combination fades into the distance as a calm piano section brings the track to a close.

Ideal for: Business and corporate projects/ motivational presentations/ adverts/ anything which could be enhanced with a hopeful soundtrack

Included in the download are the full track and a selection of 8 second loops which allow you to customise your soundtrack:

- Full track (MP3 and WAV)

- Loop 1 (MP3 and WAV) 0:08 – 0:16 in Preview

- Loop 2 (MP3 and WAV) 1:04 – 1:12 in Preview

- Loop 3 (Mp3 and WAV) 1:20 – 1:28 in Preview

Love the track but there’s something you would like altered; maybe you would like a longer, shorter or even loop able version? Drop me a message.

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