The Wild Bunch

The Wild Bunch

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Funk Crime Comedy Heist Soundtrack

This track is guaranteed to make you feel like one smooth, cool and funny criminal. Promised! ;)

This funky, deep and fresh 70s-style breakbeat/bigbeat retro track in the style of Klint and David Holms has this funny, groovy, cinematic, crime feeling like “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Snatch” and “Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels” and other heist movies.

This track is also available in this music pack: The Funky Cinematic Heist and Hustle Pack

Perfect for movies, tv, radio, cinematics, commercials, podcasts, game and movie trailers, sports trailers, openings, racing and any kind of dynamic action scenes in your video production! Retro, Hustle and Heist  :)

Four versions are included:
01: The Full Version (Duration 2:38)
02: Guitar-Part Edit (Duration 0:12) (please start the preview at 02:39) 
03: Brass-Part Edit (Duration 0:14) (please start the preview at 02:52)
04: Cinematic Underscore Edit (Duration 0:26) (please start the preview at 03:08)

Featuring: recorded fuzzy guitars, upright-bass, drums, percussions, brass, turntable, recorded “analog” retrosynths and fx.

Enjoy! Best wishes!

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