The Positive Pack

The Positive Pack

Take your presentation / video project to the next level with these high quality positive and motivational music tracks! The Positive Pack offers you altogether 5 tracks full of commercial friendly feel-good music:

Sunny Side of the Street – 3:07

We Can Build It Together – 2:35

Blue – 2:15

Cute Little Thingy – 2:07

Home To You – 0:49

Description of the tracks:

1. Sunny Side of the Street (3:07):

An upbeat, happy and lively music with a catchy melody. The instrumentation of this motivational music includes for example acoustic guitars, bass, drums, glockenspiel and of course the clapping. I have envisioned this positive track on the background of commercials or product presentations.

2. We Can Build It Together (2:35):

Here’s something for your need for motivational and spirit lifting music! The track combines lite rock and orchestral elements and its instrumentation includes guitars, bass, drums, piano, strings, and horns. I have envisioned it on a montage video which shows some kind of progress, development or team spirit.

3. Blue (2:15):

This is a positive track with a fun clapping rhythm. I have envisioned this positive track on the background of an animated presentation or a commercial. The instrumentation includes acoustic guitars, drums, bass, clapping, piano, mallets and of course the glockenspiel.

4. Cute Little Thingy (2:07):

This is a simple acoustic track for your need for cute and uplifting music. The instrumentation includes banjo, ukulele, glockenspiel, drums and bass. I have envisioned this positive and carefree track on commercials, presentations and such.

5. Home To You (0:49):

This is a positive and uplifting song with acoustic guitars and harmonica. This short acoustic feel good song is perfect for commercials and presentations that need warmth and intimate feel.

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