The Pirate Fight

The Pirate Fight

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“The Pirate Fight” – is cinematic, comic action background music. Suitable for medieval action, adventure films or heroic traveling. Fast and bright strings, epic and strong drums, patriotic and heroic brass make powerful, redoubted and some kind of pirate action impression. Contains a playful and dispute mood, fast melody well describes an amusing situation, actions which should raise a smile.

The file includes:

  1. Main song full length – 1:38 min. (The_pirate_fight.wav)
  2. Nothing else =(

Where you can use it

  • Adventure film or video
  • Commercials
  • TV advertisement
  • Comic action projects
  • Medieval action projects
  • Traveling videos
  • And “whatever you want” projects ;)

Thanks a lot for buying my music, I am really appreciate this.

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