The Metals Music Pack

The Metals Music Pack

This is an ultimate 4 audiojungle items discount pack that contains 7 versions of hard rock and modern metal tracks from my portfolio:

1. This Is Metallic

An agressive modern metal piece based on a cathcy groovy low drop tuned guitar riff. The main track has a smoothly developing structure with a rising intro, a drop, main riff, media oriented pause, rich chorus and a sharp ending. There is also a looping version available so the piece can be used in media of any length – just place it several times in a row and you are ready to go.

The music is perfect for extreme sport compilations, muscle cars and trucks review, masculine commercial, winter sports like snowboard or ski GoPro video, wrestling, fight, boxing tournaments and much more.


  • Main – 1:07
  • Loop – 0:13

2. Metalize

This is a wild modern heavy metal piece based on two main themes – a classic speed metal guitar lead inspired by such stars as Iron Maiden, Dragonforce, Children of Bodom, and modern bouncy djent riff played as a verse of the track, reminding of some modern heavy scene bands like Meshuggah, Asking Alexandria, Gojira and others. The hybrid of these two parts makes this music a unique combination of classic power metal and stylish modern metalcore piece.

The structure of the long version is designed to enrich any kind of trendy energetic and driving media production – it has a short punchy intro with accents, main theme, drop verse for the badass content and the rich chorus with extra harmonic guitar lead, going into a sharp ending where you can put your credit info.

Two versions in the purchase:

  • Main – 1:52
  • Short – 0:42

3. Metal

A stylish modern metal music piece based on a catchy hard rock / classic metal guitar riff. The track has a smooth intro with rack and floor tom drums, guitar palm muted riffs, cahtcy main theme, a light drop in the middle based on a tom drums groove, and a rich last chorus with guitar harmonies and sharp ending.

This music is designed for wrestling or fighting media, extreme sport show, masculine cars or bike footage, mens clothing commercial and more.

Two versions in the package:

  • Long / 2min – 2:10
  • Short / 1min – 1:05

4. Be Metalized

This is a stylish modern metal track based on a badass catchy metalcore / djent guitar riff, peppered with cool overdriven guitar moves that fill the mix and make it a monolith piece. The main theme is agressive, rhythmic and dynamic, and the professionally mixed sound with a punchy kick drum, dense and crynchy bass and designed noize SFX make it a great soundtrack for an extreme sport video, construction company promo, tattoo festival invitation, dynamic winter activities footage (hockey, snowboard, ski), fighting movie scenes, wrestling / MMA / WMA / boxing tournaments, chase scenes, tech commercials, workout and powerlifting youtube channels and much much more.