The Joy of Happy Life

The Joy of Happy Life

Ok, here it is … Completely change of style in compare to my eco-roporate collection. And some other stuff too however still motivational. That one could fit as music for advert with a bit of human whistle.

This one is kind of crossing between modern energetic style with some folk elements with rock organs, human whistle, accordion, nice bells and other mallet instruments. You will find there some electric guitar with nice delay. It’s quite fast in tempo – 137bpm. It its very positive and cheerful – event to that degree it can be used to advertise some kids products. It make you think positively and could be use for corporate materials.


As now waiting time for approval by audiojungle team takes ages I don’t wait again 2 weeks for some corrections … so, if you find this song on youtube – and you think this youtube version has got better mastering, just buy that one from here, drop me a line and I’ll send you the youtube mastering version.

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Happy New Day
Nice and “soft” house style loop:
Take it easy

...and some drum and bass stuff:
media intro 1
media intro 2
media loop 1
media loop 2
media loop 3