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Great job! I like it!

Hello Timaphone, cheers…fingers crossed it does okay :D

Hey Mellodi, one of my favourite compositions this one, glad you enjoyed it!

Great work! Piano sounds perfect!

Hi Andy, thanks a lot. Hope you are well :D

Hi Create Pro, thanks very much :D

Very nice Steve, how did you get so clever…..

I was lucky enough to meet people like you :D thanks Mike x

Hi there, thanks very much :D

Awesome and strong work!

Hi Headlane, thankyou very much. Glad you enjoyed it :D

Beautiful progression :)

Thanks very much, took a while to compose it :)

that is indeed awesome work!

Cheers Ralph, thanks mate :)

Very beautiful,emotional and dreamy!!

Thanks Elena :)

Lord, what a beautiful piece. WOW!

Hi :) thanks! Great that you like it.