The Happy Mandolin

The Happy Mandolin

Save money by buying this track and other 3 similar “happy uplifting” songs, made with unusual instruments.

Are you tired of the classical Audiojungle “ukulele and mallets clapping tracks”??
Then try something new and original with my “Happy Mandolin”, a really optimistic and uplifting easy listening tune, in which the main theme is played with a mandolin and arranged with 12 strings guitar, bass, drums. Piano, acoustic guitar and xilophone are also in the arrangement.

The main theme is presented at the beginning with the mandolin and then developed and arranged. After the “break” part there is an acoustic and mallet solo, after which the song reprise and ends with a “gran finale” with all the instruments.
This song will make you dance with happiness and will make your day. It will work with any happy video and will make people smile. It will be great to motivate people, encourage, have fun and also for advertisement.

You will find different files in the ZIP folder:
The first vesion that you hear in the preview is the “30 seconds cut” version, that will be ideal for advertisements and short video. it’s 0:32 long and lasts from 0:00 to 0:34

The complete version follows in the preview, it is 2:32 long (from 0:34 to 3:03 in the preview) and is included as the main file

Then you get a “looped version” of the main theme (from 0:49 to 1:18 in the preview – 0:28 long)

Finally, there is the complete song without the guitar and mallet solo (2:03 long)

The Happy Mandolin - 1
The song was used in the videohive template Cats and Dogs made of Plasticine made by clayanimator. It used the 10-seconds version, included in the pack.

Listen to this song on the background of the template “Spring Summer Slide Show” made by StrokeVorkz

The Happy Mandolin - 2

The Happy Mandolin - 3The Happy Mandolin - 4
The Happy Mandolin - 5
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