The Happy Ambient Kit

The Happy Ambient Kit

The Happy Ambient Kit

Modern chill background ambient royalty-free music kit for vlog, marketing, advertising, mobile app, presentation, infographic, explainer, timelapse, technology review, real estate video, medical services advertising and healthcare video, YouTube and Vimeo channels, etc. Best choice for digital marketing agency, advertising company and for personal use!

A MUSIC KIT is a collection of pre-edited individual song sections (e.g. intro, verse, chorus, etc.) that can be rearranged easily and flexibly like musical building blocks to create custom-timed and custom-structured music tracks. Music kit sections contain natural decaying “TAILS” that allow for seamless transitions and should be used in the final arrangement. The “NO TAILS” song sections are provided to help you quickly and easily snap together and arrange temp / guide track for your project – just like “musical Legos”. This is especially handy for editing software that does not support tempo grids or beat snapping.

More useful info about music kits:

This music kit includes all sections from original music track The Happy Ambient with some additional sections.

List of sections:

01_reverse_alt (0:02) – reverse crash before intro

02_intro_part1 (0:09) – intro

03_intro_part1_alt (0:09) – intro part 1 of 2, with crash

04_intro_part1_alt2 (0:09) – intro part 1 of 2, variation with kick drum

05_intro_part1_alt3 (0:09) – intro part 1 of 2, variation with crash and kick drum

06_intro_part2 (0:09) – intro part 2 of 2

07_chorus_part1 (0:19) – chorus part 1 of 2

08_chorus_part1_alt (0:19) – chorus part 1 of 2, variation with minimalistic drum beat

09_chorus_part2 (0:19) – chorus part 2 of 2

10_chorus_part2_alt (0:19) – chorus part 2 of 2, variation with minimalistic drum beat

11_verse_part1 (0:19) – verse part 1 of 2

12_verse_part2 (0:19) – verse part 2 of 2

13_end (0:02) – ending

14_end_alt (0:02) – ending, variation with crash

Three ready to use demo tracks made from next sections:

Demo_1 (1:43): made from sections: 02, 06, 07, 09, 11, 12, 13

Demo_2 (2:52): made from sections: 01, 05, 06, 08, 07, 09, 11, 12, 07, 09, 03, 13

Demo_3 (0:36): made from sections: 02, 09, 13

MUSIC KITS – Need custom-timed and custom-structured music for your video? Use music kits!

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AMBIENT – For personal vlog and advertising video

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